Food Photography Competition of Aug 2020 – Results are out now

Thanks to everyone who participated in our food photography competition. It was an awesome experience reviewing everyone’s photographs. We hope you enjoyed participating as well.

Competition Details –

Eligible Participants – 175
Finalists – 39

Here are the names of all Finalists:

Shubham Bamola
Mahika Uppar
Ishika Hore
Mohit Gaud
Ansh Gupta
Srijan Ghouri
Abhishek Sohni
Ayush Mohapatra

Ruchita M
Ish Consul
Sajuli Bhattacharya
Pratiksha Kunder
Swati Patil
Tripti Mitra
Pradeep Chamaria
Bhavik Parmar
Kunal Kumar
Lavish Tageja
Rajesh Dhar
Rishika Patwari

Nishat Yusuf
Avnish Barde
Ninad Kabadi
Malikal Moulki
Deepak KGK
Abhinandan Singh
Usha Das
Aditya Gupta
Karan Pal Singh
Gautam Pai

Criteria for Deciding Winners

This was a photography contest. The winners have been decided on the basis of their photography skills, and not the dish or item in the picture. We have judged on these parameters.

  1. Symmetry and Alignment
  2. Exposure and Contrast
  3. Accuracy of Focus
  4. Lighting & Background
  5. Proper Cropping
  6. Overall Impression

We have tried to be fair in judging the results to the best of our ability. We hope you enjoyed being a part of this competition.

Winners 🏆

Here are the winners of this contest.

#1 – Rajesh Dhar (RDP)

#2 – Sukhjinder Singh

#3 (Tie) – Krutagna

#3 (Tie) – Ashish Nagargoje

  1. Abhinandan Singh
  2. Karan Rai
  3. Shubham Bamola
  4. Harman
  5. Ninad Kabadi
  6. Pradeep Chamaria

Next Competition begins on 5th September. Follow us on Instagram to stay updated.


The Winners will be given the following prizes:

– 1st Prize – Rs. 5000
– 2nd Prize – Rs. 2500
– 3rd Prize – Rs. 500 for each tied contestant
– 4th to 10th Prize – PixaHive Goodies will be sent via Courier in 45 days. Contact us and send us your correct address for delivery.

Cash Prizes were paid within 24 hours of declaration of Results.

View All Entries from Finalists

Here you can see all the selected entries which were submitted by our Finalists. The list is spread over 3 pages.

Kurkure and Sprite
English Breakfast sandwich beans
waffles breakfast
chicken roll
Sea food dish
Relaxing figure out of egg and matches
Tea with Biscuit
Glazed Donuts
Indian Roti and Sabzi
Indian Meethi Kulfi
chicken wings
Pasta chicken
A Delicious Food
Pancakes made from pulses
Modak Plate near Saree
Cucumber and Tomato
Gajar Ka Halwa carrot dessert
oreo and cream roll
Fried food chicken cuisine
Mango cheese cake
A cup of Coffee
Red Chili Pepper
Iced Coffee with Whipped Cream
Indian Dish Biryani
noodles in handi
A Fruit Dish
south indian dosa
A plate of noodles
Pulses of India
Masala corn maize
dry fruits raisins kishmish
Fish Fry Seafood Cuisine
Yummy Cake
Dahi Puchka
black olives
Soya Kebab
Fruit juice drink
thai cuisine food thai curry
Sprite cold drink
biscuits with tea
coffee in glass
Coffee Dessert with Chocolate Sticks
Indian Sweet Dish
Main course Paneer Dish
A mix of fruits in a Plate
Appetizer food platter