A Special shoutout to DAS BVP for co-hosting this contest with PixaHive.

The theme for the month of October is Street Photography. Thanks to all who participated in our previous Photography Contests and Hope you enjoy this one too.

According to Wikipedia – Street photography, also sometimes called candid photography, is photography conducted for art or enquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places.

What Kind of Photos you can Submit in Street Photography?

  • Random Street Encounters
  • Unplanned Incidents or Events
  • Street Fashion
  • Street Life & Culture
  • Candid Photography (Public Places / Outdoors only)

Do your Best and Impress our Panel of Judges.

Guidelines & Rules

  • Participation is 100% Free.
  • The contest will have 2 Rounds
    • Qualifying Round
    • Final Round
  • Phone & DSLR Cameras are both allowed.
  • The image must be your original click, and not taken from someone else. Copyright violations strictly forbidden.
  • Image Editing is allowed to an extent that doesn’t make the image unnatural or artificial.
  • Old and New pictures are both allowed.
  • Technical Image Guidelines – Read More.
  • Winners will be decided by Judges and not social likes.
  • PixaHive Employees and their Families and Friends are banned from participation.

Dates & Deadlines

  • Qualifying Round – 29th September to 17th October
  • Final Round – 18th October to 24th October
  • Results Declaration – 29th October

Prizes 🏆

1st Prize – Rs. 5000
2nd Prize – Rs. 2000
3rd Prize – Rs. 750
4th to 10th Prizes – Rs. 250

All Top 10 Participants get a Winners’ Certificate from PixaHive Studios.

How to Participate?

Initially, you have to submit your entry for the Qualifying round. Instructions for Final Round will be provided later to all finalists by 17th October.

Fill out the form below to submit your Entry.

Common Issues & Questions

I am unable to Submit the form above.

Please use Google Chrome or Safari browser if you are facing issues.

How do I know my entry is received?

You will get a confirmation email from PixaHive.

Can I submit more than 1 Image?

For the qualifying round, each participant is allowed to submit only 1 Image. The real competition happens in Final Round, when you can submit many more images.

Can I submit Images which I have previously submitted on PixaHive?

No. Those images can not be submitted.

How will I be Notified if I am selected for Final Round?

If you are qualified for final round, you will get an email from us. Please make sure you do not miss our email. You can add us to your contact list as well. The email will come from the following email.

I Have more questions. Who do I Contact?

You can message Rohit on WhatsApp at +91-8284056576


This contest is sponsored and organized by PixaHive Studios. (PixaHive.com)


We are proud to announce that this event will be co-hosted by Digital Arts Society.