Home guards pushing crowd in a temple
village path
People washing a tractor in a pond
Street Food Vendor
A little girl and grandfather on a scooter
Man with dog
handicap man on the street
Life of slum people
welding sparks
Boy Portrait
Nature Landscape
Darjeeling Toy Train
Woman Playing with pet cat
A little girl
A man carrying load
lady sitting near a shop
A cycle puncture shop
fuel station employee filling the tank
Handicap beggar
horse cart
Winter morning of town
Portrait of a happy man
A man going for his work
Foggy weather on a road
A tong plier
A couple selling fruits
Water on roads
woman inside a brick house
people on a horse cart
Long Exposure shot
Portrait of a Old Woman
Woman walking with mask on road
boats in the river
Kids of a village
Men dancing in a traditional event
A little girl studying in a vegetable market
Girl with a balloon
An old couple in their house
Beach side Silhouette
Wrist watch
Kid portrait
A disabled beggar in a market
Handicap man
Birds flying over a lake
A street performer in a market
Yellow Taxis
Three college friends checking mobile
Father with his son
A cyclist going through dark place
Young Horse Rider
People passing through a street
A man with umbrella
monk photographer
cobbler on the street
Rickshaw puller
An old woman cleaning rice
kid in a narrow lane
Old man sitting
Kids wearing party goggles
Portrait of a Old Woman
A woman walking through market
Snack Vendor
Kids sit at front door
Hermit Portrait
A metalsmith shop
Roadside people
Stepping down
A poor girl with mask
Rickshaw puller
Man With Bullock Cart