PixaHive is buying your Photographs.

Our Company “PixaHive Studios Pvt Ltd” has launched a free photos platform called PIXAHIVE. We are inviting Photographers to upload their photos on our website.

Requirements –

  1. Photos you upload must be Unique and not uploaded elsewhere on the web. (except Instagram/social media)
  2. You retain the 100% credits for all images, but on our site the image will be distributed under a creative commons license (CC0)
  3. Photos must be professionally taken or Edited using a DSLR or Pro Mobile Cameras.

How to earn?

Minimum Guaranteed – Rs. 10/per picture. (for uploading only)
Bonus Revenue – Rs. 25 to 110/per picture. (for pictures of high quality, effort or certain categories)
Event Bonuses – Rs. 25 to 40 MINIMUM per picture of specific ongoing event categories. Categories could be anything from time to time like education, nature, bird, animals, etc. An Event is going on at every time on the site to help you earn more money.
Competitions – Get upto Rs. 5000 award for participating in monthly photography competitions.
Lifetime Revenue from Submitted pictures – This is the best thing about PixaHive. Once you have submitted a picture you will earn money for a lifetime from that upload, based on downloads & views.

Are you Interested?

You can simply register and start uploading. Membership is 100% free.

Payment Proof?

1000s of Members are already earning from PixaHive and we have received very good feedback from everyone. Check out all payment proof from legit members on our Instagram. (Check our Payouts Story highlights).

Need Support?

My Name is Rohit Tripathi & I am the founder of PixaHive. My Team will be happy to answer all your queries or doubts about PixaHive.