Chocolate Pansy
Duck swimming in the water
Oriental scops owl
Pair of Ducks
Amboseli. Elephants
Pied Kongfisher
Female streak-throated woodpecker
Red-vented Bulbul eating a worm
Wild ass
Elephant's eye
Flock of cormorants by the lake
Ant on a yellow flower
Asian barred owlet
Red-billed leiothrix
Cow and bird
Waiting for someone
Three turtles
parakeet bird
Common kingfisher
Hog Deer
Bird on the water
Indian hornbill
Barbet bird
Langur on tree
Candid picture of kittens
Spider on a web
Insect on a yellow flower
Bug on a leaf
Mating Robberflies
Brahminy Kite with a Catch
Greater coucal
Owl perched on a tree
Common Pierrot
Dragonfly on a leaf
Little Egret bird
Fishes inside a plastic bag
Two bulbul birds eating