Chocolate Pansy
Duck swimming in the water
Oriental scops owl
Pair of Ducks
White Goat
Pied Kongfisher
Female streak-throated woodpecker
Red-vented Bulbul eating a worm
Flock of cormorants by the lake
Asian barred owlet
Red-billed leiothrix
Waiting for someone
parakeet bird
Common kingfisher
Bird on the water
Indian hornbill
Barbet bird
Langur on tree
Candid picture of kittens
Spider on a web
Insect on a yellow flower
Bug on a leaf
Mating Robberflies
Brahminy Kite with a Catch
Greater coucal
Owl perched on a tree
Green insect
Insect on a marigold flower
White Pigeon
Monkey in River
Bulbul in her natural habitat
Head portion of a cow.
Flock of flying birds
The Baya – Weaver Family
Red whiskered bul bul
Black-headed Bunting
Red-wattled Lapwing (Tutoli)