Angry man pointing finger
Girlfriend annoyed by partner
Annoyed waiter looking at customer
Annoyed manager
An annoyed office employee
Annoyed manager talking on phone
Annoyed businessman on call
Annoyed girl taking selfie
Annoyed Woman
Angry businessman
Manager asking question to employee
An annoyed boss getting angry
Anxious boss.
An annoyed manager trying to find something
Annoyed manager
Angry employee breaking laptop
An annoyed professional
An annoyed boss explaining
Employee giving annoyed look
Stress written with a pencil
woman pointing towards the camera
Confused woman
Facial expression of a woman
Angry and frustrated girl
Stressed Indian girl
Indian girl looking annoyed
Confused woman saying Don’t know! Whatever
Disgruntled young girl
Surprised girl reading a book
A girl with umbrella
Tired Bodybuilder