bird on a branch
Scarlet Minivet
Bird Sitting on Electrical Wire
Black Drongo
A group of Leser Whistling Ducks.
Shining feathers in a lazy evening
Group of Ferruginous Pochard
Long tailed shrike
A bird
Intermeidiate Egret
Sitting Kite
A Blue Throated Barbet Perching
duck in water
Australian swan swimming peacefully in a lake.
A common Kingfisher sitting on a twig.
white birds
Common Hawk-cuckoo on a tree branch
Asian barbet bird on the tree branch
Plum-headed parakeet in reeds holding grass in beak
Green Bee eater
Green bee-eater bird on a tree branch
Asian open-bill
Cattle egret on natural green background
Common magpie bird
Pond Heron preparing to catch a fish in the pond
Eagle sitting on a branch of palm tree
Asian Open-bill bird standing in water
Black winged stilt standing in water
Two Ashy Prinia fledgling babies in sync
Purple Sunbird on a tree branch
Woodpecker in the darkness
Great Hornbill bird couple sitting on a tree
bird resting on ground
Green bee-eater bird on a tree branch
Shrike bird sitting on a branch
A resting pigeon
Hawk sitting on branch
Ruddy kingfisher sitting on branch
Great egret standing in water