A flock flying on a lake
Green bee eater on a branch
A bird sitting on an electric line
Hills and forest
Beak of a duck
Water birds on a stone in water
Birds in a lake
A bird sitting on dry wood
Birds flying over the river
A kingfisher bird
A bird
Whistling duck chicks on a broken plant
Whistling duck chicks
Whistling duck chicks
Whistling duck chicks
A kingfisher bird on a twig
Whistling duck chicks
Lonchura bird on a plant
Birds sitting on plant
An eagle
Whistling duck chicks
Ibis on tree branch
A bird
A bird on brick wall
A field sparrow
Birds in sky
A black catbird
A parrot on a branch
Birds flying near Howrah Bridge
A water bird
A kingfisher bird on a branch
A black duck
Ibis bird on a tree
Ibis bird on a wood
A wing of a bird
Hen in a cage
Stones and birds on a shore
A parrot
A crane bird ready to fly
Birds sitting on tree