Boss talking on the phone.
man reading and drinking coffee
calling someone
A sleepy man using tablet
Angry manager explaining to employee
Employee noting down points
reading diary
Employee listening to call
Annoyed manager
Clever salesman talking on call
Man taking out pen
Man thinking about work
Manager figuring out work
Man talking to someone
Employee thinking aside of work
Manager sleeping in office
Happy manager on call
Manager telling work on phone
Serious man looking towards camera
Man reading diary
Man tired from the work.
man with mask in office
man screaming
Manager going through list
Man playing with pen
man working in office
A tired man
Man pointing to coffee mug
CEO making business plans
Employee wearing mask
Annoyed manager talking on phone
Annoyed businessman on call
Man balancing coffee mug on head
Man showing thumbs down with mobile screen
Businessman dreaming about new projects
A tired employee
Happy manager showing thumbs up
Man thinking to sneak out
Angry employee sneaking others
Manager thinking about ideas