An old man carrying a sacred flag
A village woman carrying fire woods
Lady farmers
Tractor carrying sugarcanes
A farmer carrying fodder
A village woman carrying a sack
A village man carrying waste on his head
A village man carrying waste basket
A farmer carrying dry grass
A village woman carrying dry woods
A farmer carrying dry crops on his shoulder
A village girl carrying dry crops
A farmer carrying grass bundle
A woman carrying baby on back
A village woman carrying burden
A little boy carrying rice plants
A female farmer carrying cut plants
A village people walking
woman carrying tree branches on head
A boy carrying things on bicycle
A farmer carrying a pile of grass
A farmer carrying a heap of grass
People carrying woods on bicycle
A village man carrying load
A man carrying load
A man carrying wooden log
A woman carrying woods
An old man working in a shop
A woman
Women carrying load
A lady carrying bamboo basket
A man carrying sticks on shoulder
An old carrying a bucket of corn
Fishermen carrying load of fish on shoulder
A man carrying load
Man carrying a boat to shore
A film making camera
Morning Ritual in the Sea
Man using a laptop
Mother and Daughter