Oxen grazing in a field
Head of a cow
A cow illustration in a triangular design
A cow at a market place
Calf of a cow
Cattle grazing in a grassland
A grazing cow
Buffaloes grazing in a village
A buffalo
A farmer with his oxen
A farmer with his cattle
An ox
A pair of oxen
A cow
A shepherd with his sheep
Oxen tied in a village
An ox
A couple farmers with a calf
A pet goat
A farmer feeding his oxen
A cow and calf
A herb of buffalos
A buffalo
A farmer feeding to a cow
cows on the road
A village woman with cattle
A farmer's oxen
Bullocks on rest
A farmer with his oxen
A farmer with his oxen
A Calf
Farmer with His Zebu
Yak trying to hit a man.
Egret on the Water
cattle in a farm
animals grazing in a group
Trees and green groud of Khajjiar
Pasture in Wilson Hills
Cows passing through Talasari Beach