Playing Kid
clock tower, lucknow
A mother and daughter
Mother and Child
Child on a Window
portrait of a toddler girl
dog toy
Cute baby girl smiling
baby girl
Portrait of a little girl
Father and daughter playing
Monkey with its baby
A child holding a balloon
Mother's love
Smiling Indian Kids
Left Profile of a child
Mother and Daughter
kid looking on
Figurine of boy holding teddy bear
Father and son
Boy holding Durga idol during Durga Puja festival in Kolkata
Smiling baby
child standing by the entryway
Holi colours with a child
child holding a rocket
Child wearing Lord Krishna costume
Mother and son
Little Boy
Mother and Daughter
Smile of Freedom
child with father
Black and white portrait of a child half face
A happy kid looking up
Beautiful indian little girl smiling
Couple holding hands and a pair of baby shoes