Honey bee on sunflower
Goggles on ground
Snail on plant stem
Close up of a Snake
A flower
Textured tree bark
Bubble surface
Macro view of leaf
Pair of Butterflies
Crown of thorns flower
Water droplets on leaves
Water drop on the leaf
Sparrow sitting on the wood
Perching Red Vented Bulbul
Dew on leaves
Beautiful Peacock
Flying Eagle
Yellow leaf Close-up
White peacock
Glowing Beetle
Perching Red Vented Bulbul
Dew on leaves and stem
Perching Javan banded pitta
Cat Snake Close-up
Raindrops on green leaves
Camouflaged Nectar
Chicks and Hen
Extracted Lima Beans placed in the white plate
Blooming Red Rose
Indian Pond Heron
Tiny Waterdrops on leaf
Tiger colored Dragonfly
Close up shot of Housefly
Crawling Insect on crops
Tiny Chick in focus
Baya Weaver Close-up
Butterfly Close-Up
Blooming Crysanthemum flowers
Himalayan Black lored Tit Close-up