Frost on dandelion flower
A frozen lake
Snowy mountains and lake
Ice cream on a plate
Meriiboy Ice cream packs in a freezer
A colorful ice pop
Soft drink cans
Moisture on a Pepsi can
Frozen rock in the river
Snow in hills
Mango loco soft drink can
Paragliding over snowy dhauladhar mountains
Relaxing in the mountains
snow and water
A man during winter morning
ice cream in hand
ice cream in hand
juice carton
juice carton
Colourful ice cubes in a glass
Vicks vaporub for cold
soda bottle
beer bottle and mug
Reading with the nature.
Fruit ice cream
Fruit ice cream in a bowl
A girl sneezing in office
Misty Mountain Top Scenery
Water Splash on Glass
Water Droplets in Spider Net
Black umbrella and footsteps in the snow.
Droplet on Glass Macro
Bridge Foggy Scenery
Mountain Cirque Scenery
Ice cubes in water glass
Golden Light Strikes over the Mountain
Branches under a dark sky.
Pine Forest in the Himalayas
Sonamarg in Indian Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir