Holi fire ritual
Girls playing with Holi colors
Kid Celebrating Holi Festival
Kids Celebrating Holi festival
Hola Mohalla Sikh festival
Kid Portrait of Holi Celebration
A warrior
A woman during religious festival
A man performing in in a religious festival
portrait of a kathakali artist
People during a religious festival
A man with fire torches during a ritual prayer
Pilgrims during Puja Kunitha in Bangalore
Portrait of a kathakali artist getting ready
Kathakali Artist with makeup
People during Shivratri celebration
Kathakali artist
Portrait of a Kathakali Artist
Portrait of a Kathakali dancer
Portrait of a Kathakali artist
God worship plate
A ritual in Hindu marriage
An Indian bridegroom
People enjoying festival in Maharashtra
Portrait of a kathakali artist
People enjoying colors celebration
Indian wedding couple
A happy wedding couple
Wedding rituals
A Hindu wedding ritual
An Indian bride
Hindu wedding game
An Indian woman
Hindu god worshipping
Temple landscape
Shri Lakshmi Naramiha Temple
People celebrating festival
Ruins of an old railway station
Monochromatic Wedding Couple