Corona warrior illustration
River flooding and a bridge railing
A forest fire
Thunder storm between buildings
Flood on a road
The fire
Thunderstorm near a bridge
Smoke of forest fire
Flood near a river
Cracked land
house on fire
High flames
Flood in an apartment
Landslide on a hill
Trees uprooted due to storm
College students at a distress
The state of city
People after cyclone
Sad condition
Terrified City
The Cyclone Effected
Damaged by Cyclone
Highway distress
A city road after heavy rain and storm
Traffic passing through flooded road
A flooded river
Landslide on a hill
A scooter fall in a flooded road
Flood in Assam
A burning city
Flood and thunder storm around a building
Fallen trees due to heavy storm
Uprooted trees fallen on road
Flood in a city
Flood in a city
trees uprooted on the road
Forest fire
Flood in a house
Trees fallen due to storm