Texture of a tree bark
Dry cardamom
Indian spices cloves
A dry river path and rocks
A dry tree
A dry tree in the forest
A phone fallen on dry leaves
Barren mountains of Kinnaur
Dry leaf on plant
Pine seeds
Holding a dry leaf
Dry branches of a plant
A dry flower
Dry leaf stuck in fence
A dry tree
A thorny plant
Dry leaves of a plant
Dry grass
Round head wild plant
Dry woods
A dried mushroom on a wood
Dry leaves
Fire wood stack
Dry soil and green grass
A stack of woods
Conifer cone
Dry legumes branch
Dry bean of a plant
Dry leaves and dry trees
Dead grass
Dry leaf
A pile of dry grass
A lizard on a dry wood
Black snake on rock
Dry buds of a flowering plant
A farmer carrying load on head
Dried corn in the midst of a grass
An old tree at Sunder Nursery, Delhi
Dry crumbs