Annoyed businessman on call
Man balancing coffee mug on head
Businessman dreaming about new projects
A tired employee
Happy manager showing thumbs up
Man thinking to sneak out
Angry employee sneaking others
Manager thinking about ideas
Manager taking out things from handbag
Man removing mask
Man suspicious about coffee
Confident businesswoman
Man sleeping in office
Manager questioning employee
Sanitized Work
Happy employee
Girl asking to keep quiet in office
Man drank disgusted coffee
Overworked employee in office
Annoyed girl taking selfie
Businessman working in office
Hardworking employee working overtime
A tired employee
Shocked girl taking a selfie
Businessman thinking about work
Manager writing down plans
An idea in the mind
Girl working in office
Girl sleeping
Focused employee work
Depressed employee
Man portrait
Annoyed Woman
girl working on laptop
Smiling Man
Employee working hard
Sleepy Woman
man writing
Sleepy employee
man sleeping on a chair