Lord Krishna and flute illustration
Hindu god idols in a temple
A monk worshipping lord Shiva
God worship plate
A man in a temple
A kid praying to god
Man in PPE kit gesturing
A boy praying god in sea water
A temple
Prayer garland
Things arranged for god worship
People at Kaaba Mecca
Priests of an church
People at Goddess Durga Temple
Lord Shiva statue
Shaking hands and rosary
An Idol of Goddess Durga
Lord Mahavira statue
A statue with many heads
A tall statue
A statue of lord Shiva
celebrations at a church
worship on the hilltop
A Sikh boy praying
Sri Harmandir Sahib in India
Christ Church Kasauli, India
A gurdwara in Pakistan
Buddha Head Carving with Light
Jagannath Temple in Puri
Gurdwara Temple
Jain Temple, Bhadravati Night Scenery
offerings being made to god
View of Golden Temple's Entrance
Shrimant Bhausaheb Rangari Ganapati
Srirangam Ranganathar Temple
Beautiful Church in Korba
Worn out praying hands with rosary