A village woman carrying grass for animals
Rice crop
A farmer working in field
Farmers working tree plantation
A lady farmer collecting coriander leaves
Lady picking flowers in farm
Man watering plant
Man grazing goats roadside
girl plucking apples
A lady farmer
A tree between agriculture land
A farmer
Agriculture land
Clouds during evening
Agriculture land
Farmers planting rice plants in a field
A farmer in a field with his child
Old vegetable vendor
A couple farmers with a calf
Farmers cleaning grains
A farmer near a plant
A tractor ploughing a field
Agriculture field
A village farmers working in field
A cultivated paddy field
Livestock sitting in a herd
A farmer with a machine in his field
farmers working in the field
farmer with hay
A boy working in a field
Agriculture land
A farmer carrying dry grass
farmer in the field
A farmer going to fields with lunch box
A village woman carrying dry woods
An lady farmer
Gram plants and a farmer
A village woman cutting woods with a blade
Farmers sowing onion plants
Step fields of a hill