A flying osprey with a fish kill
Couple birds
Rose Ringed Parakeet
A pigeon landing on a sculpture
A flying bird
A peacock
bird on a wire
A peacock on a tree
Red-wattled lapwing birds
A flying eagle
A Chinese hen
A macaw
A sparrow on a rope
feathers of a bird
close-up of a bird
A cock
duck in pond
A bird
A bird on a branch
An Indian sparrow
Flute and feather
A hen
A brahminy kite
A grey Heron on a rock
A little egret
A songbird on a branch
Plumage of a peacock
An eagle bird on a twig
A hen with chick
A water bird flying over a river
sparrow holding on to a wire
A sparrow sitting on a pole
couple ringed parakeets
Jungle Babbler in Tree Branch on Focus
A flying Asian openbill stork
Peacock in nature reserve
A sparrow sitting on a wall
A flying bird