Ring ceremony of a couple
Baby holding hand
Fingers Stretch exercise
Gyan Mudra (Mudra of Knowledge)
The ring ceremony of a couple
A small fish on a leaf
A boy showing icons on his fingers
A couple's hand
Ring ceremony
A bud in hand
A boy showing his hand
Canon camera lens cap
A hand towards sunset
Berries in hand
Sky portrait during sunset
Boy holding camera lens cap
Rice plant seeds in hand
An evening
refclection in a mirror
Small plant placed on a small clip
A butterfly on finger tip
Holding a book in hand
A girl applying nail paint
An insect killer product
Flattened rice grains
Hand towards mountains
A plastic box in hand
A metamorphosis Book in hand
flower close up
small insect in between fingers
Tying a thread on feet
man making M with fingers
A flower on a muddy hand
A dirty hand
Beach sand on soles
Fingers on a calculator
A girl making heart shape with hands
A couple's hands
Ring in a finger