Mango tree
An unripe mango on its tree
Fruits of Phyllanthus acidus
A green mango on its tree
Squirrel on tree
Papaya tree
Mango tree
Apple tree
Raw peaches still on a branch
Green lemon plant
Custard apple plant
Fig fruit tree
Parrot sitting on tree
Gooseberries on a plant
A fruit tree
A custard apple on its tree
Hands of brands of leaves of Phyllanthus family
A Papdi vegetable
Tomato tree
Green fruit hanging on the plant
Mulberries plant
Custard apple
Fruit in the branch of a tree
Plum sugar apple on branches
Fig fruit tree
A fruit tree
Ripe papaya on the papaya tree
Custard apple tree
Ripe Sugar apple on a tree plant
An air potato hanging
Red fruit of a plant
A guava plants farm
A fruit tree
Mulberries on a tree
A fruit tree
Fig fruit
Papaya fruit tree
Dew on a fruit plant
Papaya fruit tree