goats grazing
grazing cattle
animals grazing in a field
Deer grazing
Horse grazing in filed
wild buffalo
Animals at nature reserve
Cow Grazing
A boy and buffalos grazing.
A farmer with his cow
Sheep Eating Grass
Indian Rhinoceros with Calf
Group of White Rhinoceros
A farmer with his goats.
sheep in a meadow
A White Rhinoceros Grazing on the Land
Grazing Horse
Horse grazing on a field.
animals grazing in a group
Group of goats grazing in PIr Panjal ranges.
Trees and green groud of Khajjiar
Horses Grazing
A horse on the bank of Lidder river
A shepherd with his sheep
Horses grazing in a valley
horse grazing
Cow and bird
Hog Deer
Horse grazing in Open Lot
cow in pasture
Man with his sheep
A bird on a buffalo
Cow is grazing
Herd of cows on a farm