A temple
Ancient Sculptures of Hindu god
Lord Krishna illustration
Lord Krishna and flute illustration
Hindu temple made on a cart
Hindu god idols in a temple
A lady monk
A Hindu monk
Hindu god idols
Mahashivratri celebration
Hindu goddess sculpture in water
God worship plate
A monk at Varanasi
A ritual in Hindu marriage
A boy with phone is hand
A Hindu wedding ritual
Hindu wedding game
A monk in Varanasi
A baby Krishna
People in a temple
Hindu god worshipping
A woman in Hindu goddess makeover
Goddess Saraswati with Veena
A woman in goddess makeover
A woman in goddess makeover
A woman in goddess makeover
A woman playing Saraswati veena
Aazhimala Lord Shiva statue
A female monk
A kid praying to god
Ganesha badge
Lord Shiva temple
A temple
statue of Kali in Durga Puja
Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple in Coimbatore
A statue at Konark sun temple in Odisha
An historic temple
A Hindu monk
Lord Ganesha idol
Things arranged for god worship