Hindu goddess
Devotees offering prayer to Goddess
Hindu Goddess
God Shri Krishna idol
An idol of lord ganesha
Hindu god idols
Portrait illustration of an Indian monk
Illustration of a monk
Trident of Lord Shiva
Jay Shree Ram Illustration
A painting of little lord Ganesha
Kids in Radha-Krishna costume
A woman during religious festival
Hindu temple made on a cart
Radha and Krishna during Holi festival
People during a religious festival
Pilgrims during Puja Kunitha in Bangalore
A temple on a hill
A monk worshipping lord Shiva
A girl in Lord Krishna getup
Girls in Radha Krishna getup
People during Shivratri celebration
A Hindu monk
Hindu god idols
Radha and Krishna imposters
A man decorating goddess statue
A man in lord Krishan getup
Girls in Radha-Krishna getup
A giant statue of lord Shiva
Girls in a Radha-Krishna getup
Huge statue of Lord Shiva
Mahashivratri celebration
A giant statue of Lord Shiva
A statue of Lord Shiva
Dome of a temple
Hindu Priests
Ganpati idol
Man portrait
Idol of Little Ganesha
pictures of Hindu Gods