Photo frames hanging on a wall
A hanging flower pot
Flowers and a wrist watch
Home decor items
Decorative beads chains
Artificial flowers in a wooden mug
Artificial flowers in a mug
Artificial red rose in a wooden cup
Artificial jewelry
Computer and other things on wooden desk
Car painting frame
A flower pot
Diwali decorative light bulbs
Leaves of a houseplant
Home Décor
A sculpture
Painting on a wall
Decoration items
Interior of a room
A home decor item
Light decoration
Polymer water balls in a glass
Polymer water balls
Home decor items
A ladyfinger
Miniatures of music artists
A gift
Statues of music artists
A home decor item
Home decor items
Home decor items
Cut flowers in a flask
A chandelier
Korean couple statue
A showpiece
A flower pot
Abstract Lamp Lighting
A royal glass
A pair of decorative lamps
Houseplant seller