A blackbuck in a zoo
Blackbuck in the forest
Blackbuck in zoo
Two blackbucks in a zoo
Spotted dear in a zoo
Goat in the forest
Indian deer
Indian wild Buffalo
A bird sitting on a cow head
A deer in a jungle
Deer in the forest
A chital deer in a jungle
A deer
A deer in a zoo
Beautiful Painting
Two oxen
Sambar deer in forest
A cow and cattle egret
Animal in forest
ox sitting on a hay
Deer in a jungle
Chital deers in a jungle
A bull
A farmer's oxen
resting deer
A human Cow Statue
India bison
An Indian gaur
A spotted deer
A buffalo in a pond
A buffalo taking bath in the lake.
A buffalo skull
cattle in a farm
A deer in a wildlife park
A pet bull with sharp horns
Hog Deer
A deer in a jungle