Statue in Bangalore
Beetle on leaf
Women sorting hay in farm
girl posing
eye make up
An old lady farmer
A woman at tea stall
lady statute in wood
a lady in a rowboat
A lady posing in front of 'Love' sign
A lady
An old lady
woman with umbrella on bridge
A woman
lady sitting near a shop
A lady cutting bamboo sticks
A woman washing vegetables with tap water
An old carrying a bucket of corn
A lady worker
Elegant Beauty
using smartphone
An Egyptian Lady
An old lady in bricks and cement shop
A creative stand for flower vase
an old villager
A woman standing next to a pond
Working woman
A lady cleaning cereal grain with air
Girl posing
Girl posing
A woman singing
An expecting mother
Happy Old Lady
Indian Lady Wedding Photography
Lady Sweeper on Shot
A girl in traditional attire
Lady Bug on focus
Indian lady