Water bird in the river
A flock flying on a lake
Water birds on a stone in water
Bird flying over the river
A village kid near a lake
A lake
Birds in a lake
A lake
A boy near a lake
A tourist near a lake
A pond in a forest
landscape photography
Bird sitting in the mid sea
A boy near a lake
Lake and mountains view
Boy posing near the river
A garden in a lake
River view
A boy sitting on a bridge
Resting human legs near a lake
A boat in a lake
Boat club at Gandhi Sagar
A lake
Lake view
A lake in a forest
A lake
Guy standing by the seaside
Lake view
A dirt road
Lime stone lake
A lake
Speed boat in the lake
Wooden bridge near lake
River landscape
Lake view
An artificial lake
Shore of a lake
Agriculture field
Boat in a lake
River view near farm