Dead fish in a meat shop
Shawarma meat dish
A dead fish
Mutton in a bowl
Chicken pieces in a tray
Food in a plate
Indian food
Indian food
Spicy chicken to Indian taste.
Chicken Tikka Masala
Chicken Tikka Masala.
Chicken tikka masala
Fish fry with onions for dinner.
Yellow Curry and a Fried Fish
Fried fish with onions.
Green chilly chicken
Go Vegan
Chilly chicken plate
Indian Noodles
Food photography
Mother’s Love
Grilled basa fish
Green protein salads
Sheekh kabab on charcoal grill
Bengali chicken curry plate
Juicy Ribs
chicken roll
Sea food dish
Flowers in a vase
chicken wings
Lioness feeding
Grilled Chicken in a Plate
Chicken Kabab
fried chicken wings
Barbeque Style of Cooking Food