Clouds over a lake
Park filled with rain water
A narrow waterfall in a jungle
Rambo in the sky
drop on a flower
leaves dripping in water
vintage cars
A toy auto
Royal Enfield
Bhuj, Kachchh
rainy weather
The beauty of Kudremukha peak.
Fungi growing in grass
A frog sitting still in a pond
A fancy restraunt
tourists at a hill station
lightening in the sky
leaves of a plant
Sunset in rainy season
flowers in a meadow
Victoria in monsoon
Street with Thunder View
A cloudy day
Monsoon Leaves
long road
Udaipur highway during monsoon
Portrait of Peafowl
Sabarmati Riverfront
Sunrise after Rain
Rainy season
Heavenly clouds
Delicious Tomato Basil Soup
Rice Fields of India
Pink Flowers on a Bush