A tree
Dew drops on a leaf
Grass leaves
Yellow flowers of a plant
Flower and buds
A butterfly on a leaf
A butterfly on a plant
A pond in a forest
Branch of a plant
Green Sapling
A butterfly
An insect on a leaf
Spider on plant leaf
Butterfly on plant leaf
Bug on the plant leaf
Natural landscape
Mussoorie mountains
Waterdrop on a leaf
A green insect
Mussoorie mountains view
Mountains landscape
A great egret on a wood
Building in the night
Hills under the cloudy sky
Hills landscape
An Ibis bird
Plantation on agriculture land
A chital deer
Berries of a plant
Chital Deer in the forest
Red bug on plant leaf
Leaves on the plant
Dew drops on spider web
A garden lizard on a branch
Leaves of a plant
Grasshopper on the tree trunk
Berries of a plant
Plant leaf
Green fern leaves