Hibiscus flower
A bird on a pole
A coconut tree during evening
Paragliding in the Dhauladhar mountains
Residential area of a city
An evening at Om beach, Gokarna
A person in a jungle
Chromolaena odorata
Yellow-Footed Green Pigeon
A climber plant on tree trunk
A fly on a leaf
Asiatic Buffalo in a pond
Snowy Dhauladhar mountain range Dharamshala
Evening though a sea water
Hibiscus flower
Ariel view of Leh, snow clad mountain ,
Entrance gate of Taj Mahal
An open land
Bronze winged jacana
Evening over a highway
Rocks and water
Bulbs of a light pole
A road going through a jungle
Stairs of an old temple
Darkness after sunset
Parrots on a dry plant
Clouds over agriculture land
Common Kingfisher
White clouds and blue sky
Madupetty Dam
Bird on a tree
Sunrise in Mandarmani Beach, India
A flower plant during evening
butterfly on a leaf
insect on a leaf
bird flying
Mountains and trees of Dharmshala
Stones in river