Birds in the farm
Bird on plant stem
Birds on electric cable
Lapwing in farm
Bird in water pit
Parrot sitting on plant branch
Parrot sitting on tree branch
Bird over the vessel
Knob Billed Duck in the water
Heron in pond
Black Swan
Kingfisher sitting on branch
Bird sitting on tree branch
Heron in pond
Duck in the water
Bird catching insect through the beak
Bird sitting on rock near the lake
Ibis on branch
Landscape of a black hen
Bird sitting on cable
Swan floating in water
A crane bird
White bird sitting on the branch of tree
Birds sitting on floor
Bird flying over the Sea
Flying bird
Oriental darter on a tree
Merganser flying over the water
Lapwing sitting on grassland
Ibis sitting on wood
A dove sitting
An egret bird
Head of a hen
A bird with long beak