A pair of earrings
Artificial Earrings
A pair of silver earrings
A pair of earrings
Two bangles
A socks pair
Finger sleeves for mobile gaming
Toy swan pair on key board
Slippers footwear
Keys of a lock
A farmer with pair of oxen
A pair of birds on a twig
Couple Photoshoot
Pre-wedding photoshoot
Jewellery pieces
Black Drongo
Bird pair
A pair of insects
Pair of Fish in the Plate on Focus
A pair of butterflies on a leaf
A pair of langurs
card game
A pair of pied hornbills
cards of different suites
Cards on Focus
Two Lesser whistling ducks swimming
Flies on a plant
Two Birds sitting on a tree
Bullfrog pair
Jungle Myna
A Pair of Red vented Bulbul
Two birds on a boundary wall
Brahminy Starling Calling its Pair
Cards in Pairs
Pair of kings in poker game
Teen Patti Hand Pair
Poker one pair on blue background
Great Hornbill bird couple sitting on a tree
Earing on Light Background