Elephant and grass illustration
Buffaloes grazing in a jungle
Domestic animals grazing in a field
A herd of spotted deer in a jungle
A rhino grazing near a lake
A herd of grazing sambar deer
Sky and grass illustration
Rhino with a calf
A tree in a pasture
Bashleo pass in Himachal
Grazing sheep
Cattle grazing in a grassland
Buffaloes grazing in a village
Ethiopian Horses in Kashmir
An elephant in pasture in Masai Mara
Elephants in Masai Mara nature reserve in Kenya
A green valley
A boy with his livestock
A fishing net in grass land
goats grazing
grazing cattle
A rhino in a pasture
goat with babies
animals grazing in a field
cow in pasture
Animals at nature reserve
A pair of rhino in grassland
Wild grass and mountains
A gaur beffelo
sun rising over the landscape
Sheep Eating Grass
Indian Rhinoceros with Calf
A White Rhinoceros Grazing on the Land
cow and bull in a pasture
A scenic view with blue sky
cow in the pasture
animals grazing in a group
A Grass Field
Pasture in Wilson Hills
Cow on the edge of a cliff.