Evening light
A beautiful tree
Man sitting on a rickshaw
Man silhouette reflected in puddle
village scene
Walkway beside highway
Empty benches beside walkway
Scenic route to a mountain
Dried leaf soaked in water
Farmer riding bicycle carrying his harvested crops
Shimla road
Man walking on a subway
Beautiful landscape in Bhopal
Scene after sunset
A road on an idyllic place
Shape of the trees
Parking lot
Heavy equipment on a parking lot
Road at night
Vehicles on the road
Car parked on the road
Motorcycle parked on the road
A road painted with the words keep clear
Street photo
Boy sitting on the road
View from pathway
Architectural Buildings and Road
Alley Parking and street
Vehicles on the road during rain at Chandigarh
Vespa on Street
Row of traffic cones on the road and police outpost
Heavy rain at Chandigarh, Rain view at Chandigarh
Evening View from road and traffic signal