Boat in the river
Buddha statue
Kedarkantha Trek
god statue at temple
long exposure of beach in morning
A giant statue of a Buddha
girl going Yoga
Relaxing in the mountains
girl doing yoga
Beautiful Portrait of Nature
clouds in the sky
A man on a mountain top
gurudwara and pond
mountains and river
girl posing
Buddha Worship
A man meditating
White climbing Rose
Muslim religion and Coronavirus.
Snowy Mountains Scenery
Apsara Vihar in India
An old temple under mountains
Sunlight Shines Through Tree
Coconut Tree and A Blue Sky
A Tarn in the Forest
Meditation in Himalayas
Waterfall and Clouds Scenery
girl stretching
A pigeon sitting on a rope.
Path of Nature
girl doing suryanamaskar
girl doing yoga in garden
Girl Doing Triangle Pose in Yoga
Man Sitting and Looking at the Mountains Scenery