Indian Paradise Flycatcher
Bulbul Close-up
Bird pair
Common Myna
Indian Roller
A bird on a light pole
Perching Sunbird
A kingfisher
Forest Song Bird
Pied Kingfisher
Perching finch
A stork on a branch
Feeding Parrot
Beautiful Peacock
Pigeon Close-up
Perching Bulbul
Flycatcher Close-up
Perching Songbird
Long tailed shrike
A green bee eater
Drongo black beauty
Green Bee Eater
Pair of Green Bee Eaters
Perching Egret
Nest of a Bird on Tree
Perching Parrot
Shikra bird on a branch
Perching Sparrow
A bird on a iron road
A bird on a plant
A sparrow on a wall
A king fisher on a high tension wire
Drenched Crow
Perching Sparrow
Kingfisher Close-up
Perching Parrots
Catching the fly
Perching Stork
Perching Heron Bird
perching sparrow