A pile of grains
Waste coconut shells
A heap of jujube fruits
Fire wood stack
A stack of woods
A pile of dry grass
A pile of bricks
A pile of paddy
A small pile of soil
Fodder for animals
A pile of grass
Selling lemons in a market place
A pile of rice crops
A pile of fish
pulses in a bag
Roots of a tree
Archaeological Site
Wood logs in a trolley
Cotton fabric roll
Cards on pile
Beautiful stone on Stack
Stone pattern
Stones on Focus
3 dice balancing
Playing jenga
Nice stone
Jenga tower
Stack of jenga blocks
Jenga rower balancing
Jenga tower on blue background
Jenga blocks
Indian Old Coin, Currency
Melting ice cubes
Coin Pattern
Chocolate Cupcakes
A pile of fresh kiwi
Working Woman
Pile of seeds