Elephant in the forest
Agricultural land under blue sky
Bike in the garden area
Dew drops on plant leaves
Polluted river
Beautiful road in the farm
A lake in the forest
Hill station road
Boy trekking in the hills
Plastic near the river
Shredded pine cone
Hills landscape
Monkey with flower in the garden
Beautiful portrait of car in the greenery
Sunrise view
Path way in the garden
Plants in the farm
Tea farm land
Walkway in the garden
Beach view
man washing clothes in the river
Temple under the trees
Plants in the farm
Dog on hill top
Tree and sky
Water flowing through tea estate
Tree against the sky
Trees reflection in the river
Plastic and plants in the river
Tree and sky
Road on hill station
Temple and buds of flowers
A tea garden
unclean water in a pond
Tree near the road
Car in the farm
Tea farming at a hill station
Dewdrops on green leaves
Dirty water in a well