A polluted water resource
Rocks in a river
A polluted river
Plastic bottles floating in a lake
A bird in a polluted pond
Smoke pollution produced by factory chimnies
People at Chowpatty beach in Mumbai
Smoke pollution near agriculture land
A crushed beer can
A bottle in water
Empty beer can on a beach
Water pollution
An empty beer can
A broken plastic mug
Garbage in the river
An empty glass bottle on a beach
A bottle on a beach
Boat lying at the bank of a beach
Save our Mother Nature
Firework celebration
Pollution on a beach
Air pollution
Air Pollution near a building
Foam in river water
Pollution created by a factory
A small plant digged out with spoon
Sand of a beach
A glass bottle on beach sand
Pollution at a river bank
Rising Air Pollution
Pollution in the city
old factory warehouse
An Overflowing Garbage Bin
Shimla City View