An aquatic flower
Flower in the pond
Accumulated water around rocks
Crocodile in the pond
A glass bottle in a pond
A boy standing on rock in the green farm
Yellow lotus in the pond
Beautiful nature
Calm water resource
A cattle egret in a pond
USA historical monument
Water Droplet in the pond
Wild buffalo at a river bank
An elephant near a pond
A lake
Lilly flower in the pond.
Bangla Sahib Gurudwara Delhi
Lilly flower in pond
Green plants around a pond
A dirty water lake
A dirty water lake
A dirty water lake
A polluted water resource
Waste in pond
Waste in pond
Waste in pond
Natural landscape
A man removing pollutants from a river
A polluted pond
unclean water in a pond
Water pollution in a pond
Pigs and waste material near a pond
A duck in a lake
A lake water
Plastic bottles floating in a lake
A bird in a polluted pond
A lake
Eagle landing on wooden pole