Load on a pulled rickshaw
A village boy playing with bicycle tire
A poor oldman
A woman with her baby
An old man smoking
An old man walking on a public place
A man selling clay pots
An old man
A kid working
An old woman
Poor people at roadside
Poor children
A little girl working
A poor girl working
A kid in a street
A mother with her kid on footpath
A woman selling vegetables
Poor kids under an umbrella on a road
A little girl
Homeless Person
A little boy beside a road
A boy selling carry bag to people
An old woman cleaning rice
Portrait of a happy man
A man in a street
Life of slum people
A poor man cooking food
poor kid sitting below food poster
Poor women walking
A poor mother with her child
An old lady sit at house door
A man going for his work
A disabled beggar in a market
A poor child selling ballons
A poor mother with her child
A lady worker
A poor old man
A poor woman with her baby
An old man
An old man in a village