Load on a pulled rickshaw
A woman with her baby
An old woman
Poor people at roadside
Poor children
A little girl working
A poor girl working
A kid in a street
A mother with her kid on footpath
Homeless Person
A man in a street
Life of slum people
A poor man cooking food
Poor women walking
A poor mother with her child
An old lady sit at house door
A disabled beggar in a market
A poor mother with her child
A poor old man
An old man in a village
The lonely old man.
Portrait of an old lady stricken by poverty.
An old woman begging.
Wearing different slippers
People of a slum area
A woman standing next to a pond
Carrying woods on a bicycle
A group of friends having a conversation
Baby cradle
A hungry child on the streets.
A small boy trying to lift a can of water.
Indian Old People Sitting
A picture of a rural area
Sleeping at Temple
Lifestyle of Rural India
Vendors selling fruits on a highway.
Startling image showing a mother and daughter.
A hut made of grass
Effects of Pandemic
Boys hanging outside a house