Praying to god illustration
Devotees offering prayer to Goddess
A woman during religious festival
A man performing in in a religious festival
People during a religious festival
A man with fire torches during a ritual prayer
Pilgrims during Puja Kunitha in Bangalore
two boys praying in the temple
Sweets For prayer
Prayer garland
Sunset through bead chain
Worshiping god
A beaded necklace for prayer
A prayer bell
goddess laxmi idol
A person offering prayer
People at Kaaba Mecca
People at a temple
A mosque
People gathered for religious prayer
Religious book
Religious books
Religious book
A praying woman
Lepakshi Temple
Jama Masjid
A smartphone with a picture of Ma Durga on it.
Mob of people engaged in a tradition.
Lord Shri Ganesha Idol
A man offering prayer at Taj Mahal
A girl performing meditation
Ganga Aarti at Haridwar
Priests performing Namrada Arti.
Shanti Stupa Monument in Leh
Monk praying in Front of Dhamek Stupa, Sarnath.
Morning prayer of Ganges in Varanasi
Church at the famous ridge in Shimla.
Virupaksha temple on Hampi
Komik Monastery