A rainy day
Rain in the village
Cloudy sky
water drops on a stem
drops on a stem
Rain drop on the wind shield of a car
A pond in fields
Rain drops on windshield
Cloud scape
Rain drops on glass
A man with umbrella in rain
Rear view mirror of a bike
Clouds over a city
Uprooted trees fallen on road
Flood in a river
Trees fallen on road after rain storm
Clouds over an residential area
Clouds over mountains
Dark clouds during sunset
Highway scene
Rain drops on car window glass
monkeys sitting on a tree
Rain drops on a thorny plant
Umbrella under rain
Udaipur highway during monsoon
drive on a cloudy day
Rose plant and flower
Dew on a flower bud
Let the raindrops dance in my hands
Dew on a flower
Rainy Day in BHubaneshwar