Saffron Rice on the Table
A plate of food in a restaurant
Chicken Biryani in the Table on Focus
Rice Field
biryani with raita
Rice processing
Terrace farming on Hills in Ooty, India
rice field
Freshly Steamed Indian Rice Cake
tricolor om
Mexican Rice Dishes
Indian meal
Ricefield Night View
Rice in paddy field
Biryani in a mudpot
Paddy field
Paddy field view
Paddy Field at night
Pest on Rice Plant
Rice Fields in Bali
Paddy Bunch
Young rice crop
Arbi ki sabzi – roti
Stuffed mung dal karela curry
Onion Kaphli
Bengali chicken curry plate
Dry fruit nuts and Sweet Rice
South Indian food on Banana Leaf
curd rice
Tradional Indian Food
Rice Fields of India
Balinese Rice Fields in Indinesia